Pure Essential Oils

Doterra pure oil company is hands down – the finest aromatic extracts in the world today.   Pure Essential oils the natural way to better health and longer life.  Doterra guarantees strict standards for purity and potency. CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential OilsFree essential oil newsletter uses and benefits.

Experts asked themselves “what if we could provide the world with a powerful new wellness alternative?”   The alternative is Doterra – what if you could take care of most family illness’s at home?   I don’t know about you – that means a lot, with sky rocketing health care costs, I love knowing I have my family physician kit #3279 that I can use to help my family get well and stay that way.

For the beginner and the expert you will love the easy  informative book – helping you with all your families health concerns.  Learn how to get one free.  Email me at info@healthyhinges.com

The Lotus diffuser 3301 is gorgeous and serves as a blue night light as well – add your favorite oil, or 3-5 drops of On Guard #3110 which is superb for eliminating and controlling pathogens in the air.   Where to buy essential oils?  Doterra the pure oils company.

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