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Hormone Balance:  A Matter of Life and Health
by Kristine Klitzke, RN, BSN, Author  “Hormone Balance: A Matter of Life & Health”

God designed our bodies to function optimally when a balance of factors such as hormones and electrolytes is maintained.  Just as the heart can be sent into a dangerous arrhythmia with an electrolyte imbalance, an imbalance of hormones (specifically estrogen and progesterone) is also capable of causing debilitating and even life threatening conditions.

Both women and men produce estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, although quantities vary between and within sexes.  Recent studies by the World Health Organizations (WHO) indicate that North Americans tend to have an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone – estrogen is found to be in excess relative to progesterone, a condition known as estrogen dominance.

As a registered nurse, I have seen the unfortunate results of estrogen dominance time and again.  Dramatic increases in breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, and irregular uterine bleeding have occurred in recent years.  Also, many (mostly women) present with conditions of headaches and migraines, unexplained weight gain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid disorders, etc.  Furthermore, doubts abound regarding synthetic hormones in the forms of chemical contraceptives (like the birth control pill) and HRT, due to the mounting evidence highlighting their “dark side.”

Of interest is that there exists sound rationale and even quality research studies demonstrating that many health problems are the result of hormone imbalance and that it is possible to restore hormone balance – naturally.  Together, by identifying and eliminating factors  contributing to estrogen dominance, while also possibly raising your body‘s progesterone levels with natural progesterone, hormone balance can often be restored.

Potential causes of hormone imbalance (estrogen dominance)
1.  Synthetic estrogen can be consumed in meat and dairy products.  The agriculture industry has known for years that cattle, chickens, etc. are able to achieve “market weight” faster with estrogen than by feed alone. As a result, estrogen is passed along to us as consumers of these products.

2.  Estrogenic compounds (also known as xeno-estrogens) are toxins found in the environment, in pesticides, and also in petrochemical compounds (petroleum-based derivatives contained in lotions, soaps, shampoos, mineral oil, perfumes, hair sprays, room deodorizers, new carpet, plastics, etc.).   While not “true estrogens, because of how they occupy the estrogen receptors in our bodies they can cause some of the same physiological responses estrogen would – resulting in estrogen dominant conditions.

3.  Less progesterone is produced in our bodies during times of physical or emotional stress thus creating an environment of estrogen dominance.  Progesterone manufactures cortisol and cortisol is released during times of stress.  Thus, the more stress one undergoes, the more progesterone is depleted – creating a situation of estrogen dominance.

4.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has discovered that estrogen levels are much higher in U.S. women where food intake exceeds the energy used in physical activities. One reason may be due to the fact that estrogen is stored in the fat cells of the body.  Thus, inactivity may be a contributing factor to estrogen excess.

5.  The birth control pill and other chemical contraceptives are not just for contraception anymore.  They are also prescribed to treat acne, menstrual cramps, heavy menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, etc.  However, even in “low dose” prescriptions, these drugs contain high doses of synthetic hormones capable of contributing to estrogen excess.

6.  Prescribed before, during, and after menopause, estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) and combination hormone replacement therapy (HRT) consist of synthetic estrogens, contributing to estrogen dominance.  Contrary to popular belief, estrogen production does not cease with menopause, but rather decreases by 40% to 60% – just enough to halt menstruation.  Progesterone levels, however, drop to almost zero.  Therefore, it is confusing why menopause is treated as a “disease of estrogen deficiency.”  One reason is because progesterone can be derived naturally through plant sources and drug companies are unable to patent it as they do with synthetics.  Without mass advertising (via drug companies) to medical professionals and the public, using natural progesterone to manage menopause symptoms, has stayed out of the limelight.

Physiology behind conditions of estrogen dominance

*    PMS, irritability, and mood swings
It has been well documented that PMS consistently correlates with high estrogen levels and low progesterone levels.  With estrogen levels already higher at the onset of the menstrual cycle, when a woman is already estrogen dominant from other factors as well (diet, stress levels, etc.), she is in for a “double dose” of estrogenic effects at this stage of her cycle – potentially contributing to severe PMS symptoms.  Also, proper levels of zinc and copper are necessary for our neurotransmitters to operate properly.  Estrogen causes a protein in our blood to bind more readily to copper, creating an excess of it.  This imbalance can result in depression, irritability, moodiness, and the like.  However, eliminating factors of estrogen dominance and/or raising the body’s progesterone levels, can help normalize estrogen and progesterone levels, providing PMS relief.

*  Unexplained Weight Gain and other Symptoms of Low Thyroid
Estrogen and thyroid hormone have opposing actions.  Estrogen dominance can inhibit efficient thyroid functioning, leading to symptoms of hypothyroidism showing up in the form of unexplained weight gain, depression, low libido, and fatigue.  A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2001 indicated that women taking estrogen frequently develop hypothyroidism and require thyroid medication as a result.  Also, it was found that women on both estrogen and thyroid medication as a result.  Also, it was found that women on both estrogen and thyroid medication often need an increased dose of thyroid medication due to estrogen’s inhibiting effects on the thyroid, helping to correct estrogen dominance and normalize thyroid activity.  (DO NOT go off thyroid medication without a doctor’s consent)

*  Headaches/migraines
Estrogen is known to reduce vascular tone of blood vessels resulting in a “swelling” effect, a phenomenon that can contribute to headaches and migraines.  Also, estrogen excess can deplete magnesium levels making arteries more susceptible to spasm – another  common cause of headaches.  If headaches or migraines occur as the result of estrogen dominance, supplementing with magnesium, eliminating factors contributing to estrogen dominance, and restoring progesterone levels can promote long – term relief.

*  Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia is diagnosed mainly in women and is often associated with fatigue, depression, fluid retention, headaches, and insomnia, in addition to joint tenderness and muscle pain.  These symptoms closely mimic those experience by people with estrogen dominance and/or progesterone deficiency.  A spasm or hardening of muscle fibers is said to cause the painful symptoms of fibromalgia.  Natural progesterone not only counteracts estrogen’s effects, it also exerts an anti-spasmodic effect, providing relief to many who suffer from this painful condition.

*  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
There are three ways estrogen dominance contributes to chronic fatigue.  1. A self perpetuating cycle whereby stress causes estrogen dominance and the resulting estrogen dominance causes more stress.  Women caught in this type of cycle experience a constant state of “tired but wired.”  2.  Mitochondria are tiny “power plants” within each human cell that supply the cell with energy.  Efficient functioning of mitochondria is inhibited by estrogen excess.   3. Estrogen dominance can contribute to fatigue due to inhibited thyroid function.  Fatigue is a symptom of hypothyroidism.  All three of these situations can be reversed by eliminating factors contributing to estrogen dominance and/or by raising progesterone levels naturally, the end result being increased energy and stamina.

*  Fibrocystic Breasts
Stated simply, estrogen stimulates cell multiplication in our bodies – whether in fat tissue, endometrial tissue, or breast tissue.  Estrogen dominance contributes to the formation of cysts in the breasts.  However, clinical research (Journal of American Medical Association study, 2001) has shown that once estrogen dominance is corrected and hormone balance is restored, breast tissue returns to normal.

*  Infertility and Miscarriage
Progesterone literally means “pro-gestation.”  Adequate progesterone is needed at the time of conception and throughout gestation.  Luteal phase failure is when a baby does not survive due to estrogen excess and/or progesterone deficiency – a cause of countless early miscarriages.  According to Dr. Jerome Check, M.D., restoring proper progesterone levels can help create the proper conditions for conception and a healthy baby.

*  Menopause
Menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, vaginal dryness, low libido, anxiety, sleep disturbances) are the result of diminished amounts of both estrogen AND progesterone around menopause.  In most women during menopause, the body still produces respectable levels of estrogen, yet progesterone levels drop to almost zero in menopausal women of North America.  Therefore, many women manage menopausal symptoms by restoring progesterone levels with natural progesterone.  Furthermore, with growing concerns of conventional HRT, women are seeking safer methods to manage menopause.

*  Osteoporosis
The latest data indicates that studies involving estrogen and osteoporosis lack validity.  Also, there is evidence that bone loss can occur 10-15 years prior to the onset of menopause – when estrogen levels are still normal.  Therefore, there is something mistaken about the “osteoporosis/estrogen theory.”  Preventing osteoporosis needs to start early in life.  Overlooked is the fact that progesterone levels drop much more precipitously than estrogen during pre-menopause and menopause.  Furthermore, osteoporosis is multi-factorial.  Maintaining hormone balance, a conscientious diet, a quality mineral supplement (not TUMS), and weight bearing exercise are all positive steps contributing to bone health.

*  Heart  Disease
The latest studies involving HRT to prevent heart disease actually prove the opposite.  An increase in heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots is seen in women on synthetic hormone replacement, disputing the theory that HRT protects the heart.  Evidence of these facts is found throughout medical literature (the Journal of American Medical Association, the New England Journal of Medicine, and others.)  Furthermore, the American heart Association (AHA) and the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) have revoked their endorsements of HRT for preventing heart disease and improving cholesterol levels.  In contrast, the therapeutic properties of progesterone include balancing intracellular fluid levels (which maintain blood pressure), having an anti-stress effect on the pituitary, increasing the metabolism of fats for energy (by promoting thyroid function), and having an anti-inflammatory effect.  Each of these actions could be considered protective against coronary artery disease.

*  Other potential estrogen dominant symptoms and conditions
Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, heavy menstrual bleeding and clotting, postpartum depression, autoimmune disorders, certain skin conditions, early puberty.

Estrogen Dominance and the Development of Tumors and/or Cancer
*  Stated simply, tumors develop in areas of the body where cells multiply at a faster rate than normal.  A recent study examined cells under a microscope:  some were exposed to estrogen and some were exposed to progesterone (not synthetic progestins).  The multiplication rate of the cells exposed to estrogen increased over 200 times, making them more likely to develop into cancer.  The multiplication rate of the cells exposed to progesterone, however, was normal.  Other current studies also demonstrate the opposite effects estrogen and progesterone have on body tissues such as the breast and the uterine lining.

*  Statistics indicate that hormone-related cancers are on the rise. It is well documented that there is a direct link between estrogen and many forms of cancer and I cite specific medical studies demonstrating these links in my book.  Examples of estrogen-related cancers include uterine cancer, cervical dysplasia, and cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer.  For example, Drs. Mark Clemons and Paul Goss note in the New England Journal of Medicine that estrogen and breast cancer have been linked for over l00 years, citing over l00 study references proving so.  After a mastectomy, breast tissue is routinely analyzed for estrogen receptors as estrogen related breast cancer is among the most common forms of breast cancer today.  In addition, at least three major studies have linked HRT to ovarian cancer.  Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, one study found women on estrogen to have a 72% higher risk of fatal ovarian cancer than women who were not on estrogen!

*  Most recently, it has been theorized that prostate cancer is linked to estrogen dominance.  In embryonic stages, the male prostate is equivalent in gene make-up to the female uterus, leading to the theory that estrogen dominance is a factor in prostate cancer.    Research at Tufts Medical School has demonstrated this and more studies are in progress.  If testosterone were the main cause of prostate cancer, we would see men in their teens and twenties dying from it.

• Progestins and Estrogens are known carcinogens, placed on the federal list of carcinogenic substances by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in 1988 and 2000, respectively.

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